Tough Calls
At the champions league each week, experts are analysing the games. In order to improve the understanding of referees' decisions and to increase the transparency towards the fans, they publish some of those "tough calls", together with an explanation. These situations and explanations are very useful also for referees to make better decisions in difficult situations.

Video rule book

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Rules, Interpretations

May 2024 v4.0
Official Rules
July 2023 v1.2
Summary of Rule Changes
October 2022 v1.0a
Rules Equipment
November 2022 v12.0
Social Media Guidelines
Table Officials Manual
2020 v3.2
IRS Referees and IRS-operators
November 2020 v3.0

Officiating (Mechanics - Fitness - Mindset)

Officiating Terminology
November 2020 v1.0
3 Person Officiating
December 2020 v1.0b
Advanced 3PO
December 2020 v1.2
Officiating Techniques
2022 v1.2
Self - quarantine
April 2020 v1.0
Polar – M430 & H10
June 2020 v1.1
Physical demands & profile
July 2020 v1.0
Physical Training Manual
July 2020 v5.0
Fitness test
mp3 (english)
Jet lag management
June 2020 v2.0
Growth mindset
February 2022 v2.0
Physical demands & profile
February 2022 v1.0
Control the controllable
February 2022 v1.0
Self - discipline
February 2022 v1.0
Basic Officiating Terminology
Dezember 2022 v2.0


Official Interpretations
April 2020
Rules Summary
November 2021
Rules - Short Version
Rules and Equipment
November 2021

Wheelchair basketball (IWBF)

Wheelchair Basketball Rules
IWBF Executive Council
Wheelchair Basketball Rules
Comments and Interpretations
3X3 Wheelchair Basketball Rules

Other documents (national)

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