This is a basketball officiating educational website. You can find here several type of testings such as ruletest, videotest, mechanics test both in 2 or 3 PO, 3x3 ruletest. Furthermore we have a professional Basketball Dictionary, Video rulebook, and and a lot of FIBA teaching materials Rules History, etc.

The whole content of the page is only available for registered members of our community; there is no possibility for free signing in at the moment. However, there is a wide selection of content that is available for everyone who wants to get useful information to understand better basketball or improve his/her officiating. That is why we are happy to see you here whether you are a basketball player, a coach or even a fan.

Basketball Dictionary

In our Basketball Dictionary you can search by words or terms by entering the world (or the beginning of the word) to the appropriate field.
If you want to learn the most important terms in an other language (e.g. in English), then most probably it is more useful to click 'Select category' where we collected the words and terms related to the selected category. (All language translation is based on English).
There are about 1500 basketball words and terms in our database.28 languages are available at the moment that we plan to increase contineously:

Rules History

Basketball is maybe the sport that most often changes the rules to make it more dynamic and spectacular. This section contains how the game of basketball developped from the beginning up to now. You can follow the changes of the rules how the basic rules, invented by James Naismith in 1891, achieved the recent form.

Video rule book

This section is basically a collection of educational play situations. Here you are able to find short videos, with which we would like to illustrate the official rules of basketball. We mainly focus on problematic situations that are sometimes evident for good referees, but maybe not for beginners or for spectators. You can also filter the situations according to groups (e.g. Fouls, Violations, Mechanics) and according to categories (e.g travelling, charge-block, unsportsmanlike fouls, etc.)

Rule Test

You can get an insight how our referees have to prove their knowledge about the rules every month, and also you can test how deep is your knowledge about the official rules of basketball. There is a wide selection of more than 1500 true/false test questions.

Rule Test for Table officials

From among the rule test the questions that related to table officials’ work (Scorer, Timer, Shot clock operator, etc.) are selected.

Video test

We have more than 700 high quality clips where you can decide whether the referees’ calls were correct or not. If you are sure that you could beat the refs just take a try and you will see that making a call is not as easy as you used to think.

Mechanics test

In this section there are a number of test questions about 2 and 3 person officiating. It is about how the refs have to move on the court, which referee is allowed to make the call and how they should cooperate. There are 3 different types of questions: text, diagram and video based.

FIBA CD-s about mechanics and officiating technics

FIBA released CDs about 2 and 3 person officiating mechanics, which you can use interactively on our webpage.

FIBA educational videos

FIBA-World and FIBA-Europe release educational videos from time to time and we make the content of these DVDs available for you. All of the released videos of FIBA-Europe can be found on our webpage, which introduces you the most important principles of basketball officiating.

3x3 Rules (visual)

3x3 Basketball is more and more popular. Here you can find a good summary of the 3x3 rules with video exlpanations.

3x3 Rule Test

The offcials should know the rules wich specially invented and applied for 3x3 games.