Satus Code # Category #
153 days B382 Goaltending-Interference FIBA Tough Calls: Correct decision from the referees. Blue 22 hitting the backboard caused the basket to vibrate preventing the options of the ball from entering the basket.
153 days A1021 Unsportsmanlike Yellow 52 pushes blue 7 (excessive contact), unsportsmanlike foul (C1). Blue 12 has started his act of shooting when contact occurs, therefore the basket counts.
160 days A1020 Unsportsmanlike (rough play) The defensive player tries to block the shot but he causes excessive contact. Unsportsmanlike foul (C2).
164 days B381 Travelling When White 13 picks up the ball his right foot is on the floor. Then he jumps off and arrives again to his right foot. This is travelling violation.
164 days A1019 Technical foul FIBA Tough Calls: Correct decision from the referees. White 9 has interfered with the throw-in and during the last 2 minutes of the game this is a technical foul without previous warning.
165 days A1017 Screening Blue 5 sets a screen very close to his opponent. Blue 5 's screen is out of the vision of the screened player and Blue 5 does not give time and distance to avoid the contact. Illegal screen.
165 days A1018 Charge-Block Blue 18 moves laterally and causes contact with the shooter. Blocking foul.
173 days B380 Dribbling During a dribble the height of bouncing of the ball is not limited. The ball does not rest in the dribbler's hand therefore it is a legal dribble.
173 days A1015 Unsportsmanlike (fast break) During a fast break White 21 causes unnecessary contact. Unsportsmanlike foul (C3).
173 days A1016 Foul by shooter FIBA Tough calls: Incorrect decision from the referees. Black 6 didn’t create any contact with the shooter. It was the shooter who created this contact by spreading his leg.
174 days A1013 Pushing White 33 and Red 20 are running paralel. When gaining possession of the ball Red 20 uses her arm illegally. Offensive foul.
174 days A1014 Disqualifying foul Yellow 12 under the basket elbows the face of the opponent. This is a disqualifying foul. At this moment the ball has not been released by Yellow 66 shooter therefore the basket shall be cancelled.
174 days B379 Foot Both cases are accidental foot therefore no call is needed.
175 days B378 Backcourt Yellow team controls the ball. Yellow 25 is the last to touch the ball in the frontcourt and also he is the first touch the ball in the backcourt. Backcourt violation.
187 days A1012 Charge-Block The defensive player is stationary in front of the dribbler and the contact is on his torso. Offensive foul.
192 days A1011 Screening Yellow consciously uses his buttocks in order to make the screened player to go around and causes contact. Although the defensive player is acting a bit, Yellow 13 committed an illegal screen and should be called.
194 days B377 Backcourt After the rebound none of the players of White team controlled the ball therefore no backcourt violation happened.
194 days A1009 Charge-Block The offensive player is already in the air when his defensive player is still moving forward. Defensive foul, blocking.
194 days A1010 Act of shooting White 1 has already picked up the ball when Blue 12 fouls him. Although White 1 does not finishes his shooting motion he does not change his intention by passing the ball to a team mate. The referee correctly awards 2 free throws.
196 days B376 Goaltending-Interference After the ball has left the hands of White 34, he grasps the ring that can effect the move of the ball. On the other hand White 15 is also pulling the net. Offensive interference, cancel basket.
201 days B375 Backcourt Yellow 22 establishes a position with both feet on the frontcourt when gaining control of the ball. Then she passes the ball to her team mate who is in the backcourt. Backcourt violation.
201 days A1008 Unsportsmanlike (fast break) During a fast break White 11 tries to reach for the ball and causes contact. Since her move is directly playing the ball and she lowers the arm immediately when contact occurs therefor does not create a hard contact, this is a normal foul.
204 days B373 Travel-Dribble White 3 taps the ball out of the hands of Blue 13. The ball leaves the hands of Blue 13 therefore he may catch the ball and land with it. He may even start a dribble. No travelling occurred.
204 days B374 Travelling The player takes three steps after picking up the ball. Travelling.
207 days A1007 Screening The screener is not stationary, offensive foul.