Satus Code # Category #
3 days A1048 Verticality FIBA Tough Calls: Incorrect decision from the referees. Defender Black 16 occupied the landing spot of an airborne shooter, creating a contact on the shooter’s left foot. A personal foul should have been called to Black 16 and White 1 should have been awarded 3 free throws.
4 days A1047 Act of shooting FIBA Tough Calls: Incorrect decision from the referees. When the illegal contact occurred, the ball had not come to rest in the player’s hands yet. Red 32 still bounced the ball once more and then grabbed it. The act of shooting had not started yet. The Red team should have been awarded a throw-in from the place nearest to where the foul occurred.
7 days A1046 Unsportsmanlike (fast break) During transition the defensive player causes contact on the dribbler from behind having no real chance to reach the ball. Unsportsmanlike foul (C3).
10 days A1042 Act of shooting Red 1 picks up the ball and starts his act of shooting when he is fouled. Then he changes his mind and passes the ball to to his team mate this is not act of shooting anymore and no free throws shall be awarded.
10 days A1043 Charge-Block Red 1 establishes a legal guarding position close to the endline and the contact occurs on his torso. Charging foul.
10 days A1044 Use of hands Fiba Tough Calls: Correct decision from the referees. The contact created by Yellow 11 is illegal and a team control foul was correctly called.
10 days A1045 Foul by shooter FIBA Tough Calls: Incorrect decision from the referees. White 3 never invades the shooter’s cylinder. It is the shooter, Red 33, who creates the contact by spreading his right leg outside his cylinder. However, this illegal contact does not put White 3 in a disadvantage, so it shall not be called as a personal foul. Red 3 then lets himself fall to the floor in order to fake being fouled. The referee shall give a warning, showing twice the ‘raise-the-lower-arm’ signal to Red 33 for faking the foul. When the game is stopped and the ball is dead, the warning shall also be communicated to the Red Team Head Coach and it shall apply to any member of his team for a similar action for the remaining duration of the game.
11 days A1040 Charge-Block FIBA Tough Calls: Blue 19 had established an initial legal position and the contact occurred on his torso. Offensive foul for charging.
11 days B387 Travel-Dribble FIBA Tough Calls: Incorrect decision from the referees. Yellow 2 stood up without holding the ball. He stood up touching the ball and then held the ball to start a dribble.
11 days A1041 Use of hands FIBA Tough Calls: Incorrect decision from the referees. Blue 77 extended his arm outside his cylinder but didn’t create any contact. The illegal contact was created by White 8, who used his right arm to keep his defender away. A team control foul should have been called.
13 days A1039 Unsportsmanlike (rough play) There are two fouls on the play. Foul by Blue#13 and after the foul Blue#9 is charged with an unsportsmanlike foul. Blue team's 2nd and 3rd foul in the quarter. How to continue the game? The first foul is committed in the act of shooting. Penalty shall be 2 free throws. Then an unsportsmanlike foul is called. Penalty shall be 2+possession. Final decision shall be 2+2+possession.
14 days A1038 Team control foul Both teams have 5 team fouls. What is your call? When White 3 saves the ball at the side lin he catches the ball with two hands. White team gains control at this time. Then Red 1 and White 13 jumps for this ball and White 13 commits a foul. This is a team control foul. No free throws shall be awarded.
17 days A1037 Unsportsmanlike (fast break) White 11 tries to reach for the ball but hits also the hand of B32 who has started his act of shooting during a fast break. Since the act of shooting has started the C4 criteria of U-foul shall not apply. Normal foul, and 2 free throws shall be awarded.
31 days A1034 Screening Green 37 is moving while setting screen. Illegal.
31 days A1035 Unsportsmanlike (fast break) During a transition the defensive player causes a hard contact. Unsportsmanlike foul (C1 or C3).
31 days D57 Special situations White#13 passes the ball, and whilst the ball is in the air Black team's coach receives a technical foul for protesting, immediately then Black 25 intercepts the pass and has a clear path to the basket. After the free throw white team will have a throw-in from its backcourt with 24 seconds on the shot clock.
31 days A1036 Verticality FIBA Tough Calls: Yellow 12 had an open path to the basket and defender Black 22 did not jump vertically (within his own cylinder). He jumped towards Yellow 12, creating an illegal contact that should have been called as a personal foul and 2 free throws should have been awarded to Yellow 12.
39 days A1032 Unsportsmanlike (fast break) White 6 causes unnecessary contact during a transition. Unsportsmanlike foul (C3)
39 days A1033 Pushing Call on the floor was a foul on Blue#6 for pusing. Two shots.
42 days A1031 Advantage-Disadvantage The defensive player wants to commit a tactical foul but changes his mind and therefore the contact is marginal and does not effect the transition. No call is the best call.
47 days A1030 Screening White 10 commits an illegal screen when moving in the path of Red 11 by not giving him time and distance.
50 days A1028 Unsportsmanlike The defensive player does not make any effort to play the ball, just grasps the arm of the dribbler. Unsportsmanlike foul (C1).
50 days A1029 Verticality The defensive player jumps vertically, he is not responsible for the contact. It is the shooter whe leaves his cylinder and jums forward. No call is the best call.
53 days A1027 Verticality FIBA Tough calls: Blue 77 had his arms extended above him but he created an illegal contact jumping towards the shooter (leaving his cylinder). However, the signal was not correct as the defender didn’t hit the shooter on his head.
56 days A1026 Player in the air The defensive player moves into the cylinder of the airborne shooter and causes slight contact but this can cause injury. Defensive foul.