Satus Code # Category #
22 days B403 Travelling Travelling violation? White 1 lifts his pivot (left) foot before releasing the ball at the start of the dribble. Travelling.
27 days B401 Travelling The player picks up the ball when his left foot is on the floor (0. step). Then he takes 2 more steps and stops. Then he legally pivots. No travel.
27 days B402 Travelling White 11 lifts his pivot (left) foot at the start of the dribble before releasing the ball. Travelling.
40 days B400 Travelling Travelling violation? The player picks up the ball when his right foot is on the floor (zero step). Then he jumps from this foot and lands first on his left and then on his right foot. Legal play.
42 days A1084 Screening The screen is set outside of the vision of the screened player. At such case the screener shall give time and distance to the opponent in order to avoid the screen. Here the screen is set too close therefore, it is illegal.
42 days A1085 Unsportsmanlike (fast break) FIBA Tough Calls: Once Green 8 was beaten by the dribbler, he created a contact which was not a legitimate attempt to directly play the ball and is considered to be an unnecessary contact to stop the progress of the Yellow team in transition. Unsportsmanlike foul (C3).
42 days A1086 Charge-Block-Flop FIBA Tough Calls: Incorrect decision from the referees. Blue 11 had a legal guarding position. White 11 charged Blue 11 after the pass and an offensive foul should have been called to White 11 and the basket should have been cancelled.
43 days A1083 Verticality The defensive player is vertical, however, he is moving forward and causes contact. Defensive foul.
43 days B398 24 seconds What time should be on the shot clock at the throw in? After the ball has touched the ring of the opponents’ basket, the shot clock shall be reset to 14 seconds, if the team which regains control of the ball is the same team that was in control of the ball before the ball touched the ring.
43 days B399 Travelling Falling on the floor is not a travelling violation. Then a jump ball situation occurs.
46 days A1082 Acting During fighting for position Green 6 theatrically flops due to a marginal contact. No call and warning for fake (if the team was not warned before) and if it the team was warned before, a technical foul shall be accessed.
50 days B397 Goaltending-Interference White 10 is fouled in the act of shooting. Then, while the ball is in contact with the ring, White 20 grasps slightly the ring. Interference. The referees decide correctly when not counting the basket but awarding 2 free throws.
50 days A1080 Screening The defensive player wants to go around the screener but the screener moves in his path. Moving screen, offensive foul.
50 days A1081 Verticality The defensive player establishes a legal guarding position facing the opponent, jumps vertically. The offensive player jumps towards the defensive player and the contact is the torso. The offensive player is responsible for the contact which is marginal, therefore no-cal is the best call.
57 days B396 Backcourt Neither the ball nor the player with two feet have not arrived to the frontcourt, therefore no backcourt violation happened.
57 days A1079 Travel-Dribble Tough calls: Correct decision from the referees. White 4 stood up while holding the ball.
63 days D58 Administratif Between free throws a double technical is called on White#1 and Green#5. This is White#1's 5th foul of the game and he needs to be substituted. Is the green team allowed to effect substitution? No, they can substitute only 1 player.
63 days A1078 Charge-Block The defensive player establishes a legal guarding position in front of the shooter. outside the semi-circle The shooter releases the ball and then falls on the defender. The ball is not in control of the offensive player and its team when he causes contact therefore the basket counts and a foul shall be charged against him. If red team has reached the 5th team foul then Red 22 shall be awarded 2 free throws at the other basket.
72 days A1076 Pushing The offensive player look s for the contact with his left arm. No call is the best call.
72 days B395 Jumpball (situation) Neither team controlled the ball before a held ball was called. The officials decide to have another jump ball between the players who were involved in the held ball situation. Correct procedure?
72 days A1077 Unsportsmanlike (rough play) Red 10 does not play the ball but grabs the arm of the shooter. Unsportsmanlike foul.
84 days A1074 Unsportsmanlike During a transition the defensive player facing the opponent tries to reach towards the ball but reaches the wrist of the player who passes the ball. The contact is not excessive. Normal foul.
84 days A1075 Unsportsmanlike (fast break) During transition the defensive player does not make any effort to play the ball and causes unnecessary contact. Unsportsmanlike foul (C3).
86 days A1073 Screening With the ball in the hand, Red 10 sets a moving screen. Offensive foul.
96 days B394 Jumpball (situation) Neither jumper may catch the ball until it has touched one of the non-jumpers or the floor. This is a violation.