Satus Code # Category #
115 days B392 Backcourt The ball has not gone to the frontcourt therefore no backcourt violation happened.
115 days B393 Goaltending-Interference The player cannot assist himself to score by the ring. Interference, basket does not count.
134 days B391 3, 5, 8, 24 seconds The shot is blocked by the defender, but the ball finally touches the ring therefore the operator correctly reset the shot clock to 14 seconds. When the referee stops the play the yellow team controls the ball and the shot clock shows 12 seconds. The yellow team is entitled to a throw-in with 12 secnds on the shot clock.
152 days A1069 Act of shooting White#33 pushes Striped#3 into the shooter. How would you continue the game? Since the player who was pushed was not a shooter, therefore the game shall be resumed with an endline throw-in.
152 days A1070 Unsportsmanlike White 31 grabs and pulls a little Blue 10 when the ball is still in the hands of the thrower-in in the las 2 minutes of the game.. This is a C5 type unsportsmanlike foul. Then Blue 10 commits an unsportsmanlike foul when he hits back.
159 days B390 24 seconds The striped team asks the referees to stop the game to mop the floor. What shall the shot clock show at the throw-in? 19 seconds should remain as the request was made by the striped team.
159 days A1068 Charge-Block White 7 changed his direction and set a screen on a moving opponent without the ball, not respecting the elements of time and distance. Offensive foul for illegal screening.
161 days A1065 Act of shooting FIBA Tough Calls: Black 20 pump faked and then he started a new act of shooting moving the ball upwards towards the opponents’ basket when the contact occurred. Black 20 should have been awarded 3 free throws.
161 days A1066 Act of shooting White 5 has picked up the ball and starts his act of shooting when contact occurs. 2 free throws shall be awarded.
161 days A1067 Screening FIBA Tough Calls: If the opponent is in motion, the elements of time and distance shall apply. The screener must leave enough space so that the player who is being screened is able to avoid the screen by stopping or changing direction. The distance required is never less than 1 and never more than 2 normal steps. Correct decision from the referees. Black 6 committed a blocking foul on Yellow 6 because he didn’t respect the elements of time and distance.
172 days A1064 Screening Blue 35 sets a moving screen. Offensive foul.
177 days A1062 3 seconds Allowance shall be given to the player leaving the paint, therefore no call would be the correct decision.
177 days A1063 Act of shooting Blue 25 has just picked up the ball and starts his act of shooting when the contact occurs. 2 free throws should have been awarded.
183 days A1061 Technical foul OBRI 36-6 example says at such disconcerting action by the defender is a warning at first case if the ball enters the basket. However if the ball does not enter the basket it is an immediate tachnical foul.
188 days A1060 Screening Green 37 moves his bottom deliberately in the path of Red 10 and causes contact. Offensive foul.
197 days A1059 Unsportsmanlike While White 10 is stealing the ball and have open path to the basket Green 32, who tries to reach for the ball, pushes her from the side. Since there is no other defensive player between White 10 and the basket this push from the side is to be considered as unsportsmanlike foul (C4).
201 days A1058 Act of shooting Blue 99 has picked up the ball and started his act of shooting when contact occurs. 2 free throws shall be awarded.
207 days A1057 Tripping Although the contact (tripping) is accidental, it cannot be disregarded since it causes huge disadvantage to the dribbler who falls to the floor. Normal foul shall be called.
208 days A1056 Verticality Black 21 jumps vertically. White 17 causes contact with his left arm and he loses his balance because of his own push trying to deceive the referees. Black 21 did nothing illegal. No call is the bast call.
213 days A1055 Use of hands While Blue 9 is dribbling he uses his left arm and hits his defender. Offensive foul.
216 days B389 Goaltending-Interference Last free throw. Blue#27 touches the ball from under the basket. Violation, the basket count 1point.
221 days A1053 Unsportsmanlike The defensive player does not make any effort to play the ball during a transition. Unsportmanlike foul (C3). Even if it is not a fast break foul this action is an U-foul (C1)
221 days A1054 Act of shooting Yellow 11 has picked up the ball when contact occurred. 2 free throws shall be awarded.
225 days A1052 Verticality FIBA Tough Calls: Correct decision from the referees. Defender White 3 invaded the shooter’s cylinder, creating a contact on his knee. The 3-point basket is valid and Red 11 is awarded 1 free throw.
229 days A1051 Verticality The defensive player jumps forward and causes contact with the landing shooter. Personal foul, 3 free throws.