Dear Officials

As most of you know FIBA Europe publishes Teaching Materials to assist referees’ improvement all over Europe and it is avaliable for each National Federation year by year.  

We would like to inform you that we collected and uploaded these materials from the past 4 years to help our referees improve their officiating and keep themselves up to date.

It should be known that these files need a lot of space to store them on our website. So we had to look for an other solution to let you use these materials.

GOOGLE system evolved an account, called DRIVE which easily let us upload and download huge files and these folders can be published and open without any registration. It means you can get all of the uploaded files even if you do not have a GOOGLE account. The only thing you need to do is to open the links below and download them.

Year 2014:
Year 2013:
Year 2012:
Year 2011:
Year 2010:

(Open the „exe files” to reach the original version of DVDs. It is also possible to watch only the video clips without downloading the whole content by clicking Content/Videos.)