Satus Code # Category #
48 days A1121 Pushing FIBA Tough Calls: Correct decision by the referees. The first illegal contact was created by Purple 44, who pushed White 0, which resulted in, White 0 creating a contact against Purple 6. Purple 44 pushing foul is the correct decision.
48 days A1122 Screening FIBA Tough calls: Black 19 was not stationary when setting the screen and, at the point of contact, was outside his cylinder thus creating a blocking foul.
48 days A1123 Unsportsmanlike FIBA Tough Calls: Red 15 occupied a position on the court without creating any contact with his opponent. The contact created by Yellow 3 occurred during a normal basketball play, as he was moving the ball from side to side to try to beat the defender and start a dribble. The contact created by the arm of Yellow 3, into the face of Red 15, was not a hard, excessive contact. Team control personal foul is the correct decision.
53 days A1119 Charge-Block The helping defender establishes a legal guarding position in front of the offensive player and the contact occurs on the defender's torso. Offensive foul.
53 days A1120 Act of shooting Incorrect decision by the referees. When the contact occurred, Yellow 15 had not caught the ball in the air yet, so the act of shooting had not started. The game should have been resumed with a Yellow team throw-in from the place closest to where the foul occurred, except directly behind the backboard, and 16 seconds on the shot clock.
55 days A1118 Charge-Block The defensive player establishes a legal guarding position and the contact is on her torso. Offensive foul.
68 days B422 Backcourt After the rebound no team control is gained by White team (they can only tap the ball which is not a team control) therefore no backourt violation occurs.
68 days A1116 Charge-Block The defensive player establishes a legal guarding position outside the semi-circle before the shooter jumps forward. The contact is on the torso. Offensive foul.
68 days A1117 Screening Orange 10 sets a moving screen. Offensive foul.
71 days A1115 Advantage-Disadvantage This is a typical case when the advantage-disadvantage principle should be applied.
75 days A1112 Verticality Blue 10 is still moving forward and causes contact with Yellow 8 who jumped to shoot. Defensive foul.
75 days A1113 Charge-Block-Flop Yellow 4 does not establish a legal guarding position and causes contact with Blue 16 who has picked up the ball when contact occurs. Defensive foul during act of shooting. 2 free throws shall be awarded.
75 days A1114 Screening White 11 does not give sufficient time and distance to the screened player out of his field of vision. Illegel screen, offensive foul.
80 days A1111 Act of shooting Although Red 2 has piked up the ball and starts his act of shooting but then he changes his mind and passes the ball. No free throws shall be awarded.
87 days B421 Free throw The referee calls a free throw violation on White 0 and repeats the free throw. Is this correct call? Yes. White 0 might enter the 3-point line when the ball touches the ring. He enters much earlier and gains control of the ball. Violation correctly called.
138 days A1110 Unsportsmanlike (rough play) There is no question of an unsportsmanlike foul, but the case is on the verge of a disqualifying foul.
138 days C133 Responsibility-Competence 3PO Who is primarily responsible to call this shot clock violation? The Lead and Trail referees must monitor the play on the strong side, the center referee's duty is also to judge cases near the ring (goaltending and basket interference), as well as shot clock violations.
143 days A1109 Screening The player setting the screen gives time and distance to the screened player. Legal screen. Correct no call.
151 days A1106 Charge-Block When Yellow 5 jumps the defensive player is not on the landing spot, he is moving forward. Defensive foul. The act of shootingstarts later, therefore the basket shall not count.
151 days A1107 Act of shooting The act of shooting has started when the defensive player commits the foul. Basket shall count.
151 days A1108 Blocking a shot Black 8 is basically vertical and the contact with him is marginal. Black 13 clearly taps the ball. Correct decison by the referee: no foul, out-of-bounds.
152 days B419 Travel-Dribble FIBA Tough Calls: Black 15 finishes his dribble and catches the ball with both feet on the floor. When he lifts his right foot, his left foot becomes his pivot foot. He then lifts his pivot foot, and it touches the floor again before releasing the ball for the shot. This is a travelling violation; the basket shall not count and the Yellow team shall be awarded a throw-in from the free throw line extended.
158 days B418 Travel-Dribble FIBA Tough Calls: White 23 gained control of the ball with his right foot on the floor. The first step occurred when he put his left foot on the floor and the second step occurred when he put his right foot on the floor again. Then, he released the ball for the shot before putting any foot on the floor again. This is a legal play.
158 days A1104 Charge-Block-Flop FIBA Tough Calls: During a Blue team offense, Blue 45 and Yellow 5 contest a high post situation and as Blue 45 backs down to the basket defender Yellow 5 falls to the floor and is given a technical foul for flopping. Even with contact from Blue 45, defender Yellow 5 had an unstable position but exaggerates the reaction despite some holding of his shirt by Blue 45, missed by the Lead official who was late to his position.
158 days A1105 Tripping White 1 and Blue 1 jump for the rebound, however the leg of White 1 is extending from his cylinder and Blue 1 falls over this leg. This is not a marginal contact as it causes a significant disadvantage to Blue1. Personal foul against white 1.